Dylan asked Evan Todd, a jock why he shouldn’t kill him, where Todd replied “I don’t want trouble.” “You used to call me a fag. WHO’S THE FAG NOW?!” Eric and Dylan continued to taunt Evan debating weather they should kill him or not.
This is a photo sequence I made of Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17. You’ve probably heard of them, if not, they’re responsible for the Columbine High School massacre. It was a school shooting on April 20, 199. Shooting police, students and teachers. They killed 12 people, including a teacher, and injured 21 students, they chucked a few home-made bombs and then finished by commited suicide.
In the morning of the shooting Eric Harris encountered Brooks Brown, a classmate he recently patched up a longstanding series of disagreements with. I’ve read some diary enteries about this kid by the shooters and they mention going into several homes including his to do some damage. Brooks saw Harris with a gym bag walking into the school from his car and was surprised and told him he was absent for an important class test that morning. Eric didn’t care and said “It doesn’t matter anymore.” He then warned him, “Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here. Go home.” Moments later students going on their lunch breaks saw Brooks heading down the South Pierce street away from the school, while Dylan and Eric were armed by their vehicles, waiting for the bombs to go off.
This is the fourth deadliest mass murder committed at a school campus in US history. They’ve been classed as sociopaths, and people hate them for hate they did, which is fair enough. But I don’t blame them. They were both classified as gifted children and have been victims of bullying throughout their high school years. An analasys found that the bullying, which the shooters described “in terms that approached torment” played a major role in more than 2/3rds of the attacks. The teachers didn’t care about the bullying “by the so-called jocks or athletes, allowing an atmosphere of outright intimidation and resentment to fester which, they claimed, could have helped trigger the perpetrators’ extreme violence. Reportedly, homophobic remarks were directed at Klebold and Harris.”
All I see are two boys, not hero’s, not phsyco’s, just two boys who commited suicide. Several psychiatrists argued that Eric Harris was a clinical phsycopath and Dylan Klebold was depressed. They believed Eric “who they thought had a messianic-level superiority complex and hoped to illustrate his massive superiotiy to the world.” 
They ran around the school shooting bombs which failed to explode and shooting people along the way, just before they entered the cafeteria, a teacher, Coach Dave Sanders evacuated the cafeteria by the staircase leading up to the scond floor of the school, you can see it in a security camera image of the shooters in the cafeteria. He was running towards the library to evacuate the children when he encountered the shooters. He and a student turned a corner and walked down the library hallway when they came across Harris and Klebold who were coming from the corner of the North hallway, Sanders and the student turned around and ran the opposite direction, but Harris and Klebold shot at them, hitting Coach Sanders twice and missing the student. Another teacher took him into a science classroom where there were around 30 other kids hiding. They put up a sign that said “1 Bleeding to death” so the police and medical personnel knew of their location. There were teachers and students in contact with the police using a phone in the classroom. Coach Sanders died and was the only teacher killed.
As the shooting unfolded Patti Nielson was on the phone to emergency services, telling them what was happening and trying to get everyone under the tables. The time she called was when Harris and Klebold entered the Library, 4 minuites and 10 seconds after someone picked up the phone. Before they entered they threw two bombs into the cafeteria, which exploded and threw one into the library hallway which also exploded.
There were 52 kids and 2 librarians in the library. When they got hin Eric yelled “GET UP!” so loud it can be heard on Patti Nielson’s 911 recording. Dylan also right after, “EVERYBODY GET UP!” They then said multiple statements such as “EVERYONE WITH WHITE HATS STAND UP! THIS IS FOR ALL TH SHIT YOU’VE GIVEN UP THE PAST FOUR YEARS!” and “ALL JOCKS STAND UP. WE’LL GET THE GUYS IN WHITE HATS!” Wearing a white baseball cap was a tradition at the school for all the sports team members/jocks. When no one stood up Eric then was heard to say “Fine, I’ll start shooting anyway!” He fired twice at a desk, where a student, Evan Todd was hiding, he wasn’t seriously injured. A 16 year old studen, Kyle Velasquez was sitting at the upper row of computers, he wasn’t hidden when Eric and Dylan entered, but he curled up benieth the table. Dylan shot him in the head and his back killing him. They walked over to the windows, “Let’s go kill some cops.” Eric said when they noticed police outside the school evacuating children. They shot from the windows at the direction of the police, who returned fire.
They turned away and continued shooting under desks, killing several students. Eric just grabbed his shotgun and walked towards a row of desks firing a single shot without even looking to see if anyone was there or not, he shot 14 year old Steven Curnow in the neck, killing him. He shot another girl in the hand, arm and shoulder and walked over to a table, slapped the top of the table twice before kneeling down saying “Peek-A-Boo!” to a 17 year old Cassie Bernal before shooting her in the head. Recoil from one of his shooting broke his nose. After shooting Cassie he moved on to the next table where Bree Pasquale sat next to, instead of underneath it. She didn’t hide because there wasn’t any room. Eric asked her if she wanted to die. She plead for her life. While he was taunting her Dylan was busy doing his own shooting, 17 year old Patrick Ireland was trying to help 18 year old Makai Hall who was shot in the knee. His head rose above a desk into Dylan’s biew, he shot him a second time, hitting him twice in the head and once in the foot. Previously he got his arm too.
"At approximately 12:08 p.m, Patti Nielson, who had locked herself inside a break room with a student and library staff, overheard Harris and Klebold suddenly shout in unison: "One! Two! Three!" These words were immediately followed by the sound of gunfire. Both had committed suicide: Harris by firing his shotgun through the roof of his mouth; Klebold by shooting himself in the left temple with his TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun."
Now will you all think again before you make fun of the helpless kids in your school. This is what you’ve created. These boys have been bullied and tormented, merely being subscribed ant-depressants to somehow aid them. You all say they’re heartless sociopaths and crazy, but remember, the one student they absolutely used o hate, Brooks Brown, “Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here. Go home.” He wouldn’t spare his life if he was a phsycopath, when even though they had a list of people they wanted to kill, however they just shot at random, and in a way ‘only killing 12 people.’ When they just as easily could have killed him.
I know this is ridiculously long for a tumblr post, but just something to think about. Sorry for the typo’s by the way, I just corrected them, I’m on my school laptop and the keyboards shitty.

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